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Kingston Ranked Top City in North America by Financial Times

Posted on Monday April 10, 2017
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The Financial Times, based out of London, England has awarded Kingston, Ontario with two significant rankings in their 2017/2018 publication on “American Cities of the Future”. 

Kingston is being recognized as the winner in Small Cities in North America for Foreign Direct Investment strategy and a Top 10 (#6) Small City for Human Capital and Lifestyle.  Previous year’s winners have seen only a few select Canadian cities make the cut such as Waterloo, Ottawa, Victoria, Oshawa and Richmond.

Reports from previous years have seen data collected from 428 locations across North America under five categories: Economic Potential, Business Friendliness, Human Capital and Lifestyle, Cost Effectiveness and Connectivity as well as a sixth category, FDI Strategy - the only qualitative category. Previous year’s winners in the Small Cities Category have seen only a few Canadian cities make the cut such as: Waterloo, Victoria, Oshawa and Richmond.

“These are tremendous accolades to receive.  Over the past two years, Kingston has realized the highest levels of new foreign direct investment in the city’s history. We are extremely proud that Portuguese fruit manufacturer Frulact and Chinese baby formula manufacturer Feihe have chosen Kingston as their North American manufacturing and R&D headquarters. These significant investments in addition to the increasing work Kingston-based companies are doing around the world have garnered international attention on our city. Without the ongoing support and investment of Council and the planning of City staff to ensure infrastructure and serviced lands and first class people amenities are in place, I do not believe we would have realized these successes,” says Donna Gillespie, CEO (Interim), Kingston Economic Development Corporation.



“This exciting recognition builds on our many successes over the past two years, including our attraction of one of the largest foreign direct investment projects in Canada. As a smart, livable, 21st century city we continue to welcome investors who recognize the incredible talent and opportunity Kingston has to offer.”
-Bryan Paterson, Mayor of Kingston

“This sort of amazing recognition does not come without a lot of hard work, determination and a new approach to the way we operate.  These significant investments in addition to the increasing work Kingston-based companies are doing around the world have made Kingston, Canada a city to watch. This is truly a Team Kingston success!”
-Judith Pineault, Chair, Kingston Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors

 “In addition to being an amazing place to live and work, today Kingston was recognized as the top city in North America for foreign direct investment. Companies from around the world are bringing their business to Kingston because of the work-ethic, skill, and creativity of the people in our community. Kingston has a bright future, and I am confident that we will continue to attract investment that will create jobs and opportunity for our city.”
- MP Mark Gerretsen, Kingston and the Islands

 “Frulact has managed several internationalization processes that have positioned the company at a global level. We currently have a footprint in three continents and we manage internationally and cross-culturally on an everyday basis. When we chose Kingston, Canada to ground break our headquarters and processing facilities for North America, we used all our experience and corporate maturity in the selection process, and it was an easy decision to make. All the support, infrastructures, business oriented environment and community engagement gave us the necessary clarity to decide. When we learned about the recent appointment of Kingston as the top achiever in Foreign Direct Investment Strategy for small cities in North America we were not surprised, but we were profoundly proud. Proud of our hosts, of all our business partners in the region, of the academy and all other strong institutions but, most of all, proud of our wonderful friends in the community.

We’ve been around the world for 30 years, crossing continents and oceans, and we now have landed in the place where we want to be: in a strong, trustable and amicable community with a business mindset like no other. Our profound and proud congratulations.”
- Joao Miranda, CEO, Frulact

 “On behalf of China Feihe Limited, I offer my warmest congratulations to the Kingston Economic Development Corporation for your work in attracting foreign direct investment for the City of Kingston. Being ranked the #1 Small City for North America for Foreign Direct Investment Strategy and #6 Small City for North America for Lifestyle and Human Capital is a tremendous accomplishment and we are honored to be a part of your success. The significant achievements you have brought to the community of Kingston and its surrounding areas are exceptional. Congratulations again and see you soon!”
- Youbin Leng, Chairman, Feihe

 “The fDi rankings aim to identify the most attractive cities across the Americas for future inward investment, based on the factors that companies consider when deciding where to expand and invest. With 428 cities being assessed, the American Cities of the Future rankings are highly competitive and placing on the short lists of cities in any of the categories is to be applauded. Kingston's number 6 placement among small cities for Human Capital and Lifestyle is testament to the talent pool available in the city as well as the quality of life it offers, while the first place ranking in the FDI Strategy category shows that Kingston's economic development officials have a solid plan in plan to help the city compete for foreign direct investment.”
-Courtney Fingar, Editor of fDi Magazine


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