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Kingston Business Hall of Fame

The Kingston Business Hall of Fame was established in 2006 to celebrate the significant contributions by business men and women to the Kingston community in the areas of business growth, quality of life and service excellence. Key business laureates are inducted into the Kingston Business Hall of Fame at an annual event hosted by the Kingston Economic Development Corporation and the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce.

Inductee Categories


Visionaries are individuals who through their creativity and foresight in business provide novelty and character to our community. The products and services and contributions to the Kingston community made by visionaries can be described only as imaginative and ahead-of-the-time.


Builders are those that, through their business efforts, literally build our community. The vibrancy of our city is owed to their labours of creation, the most fundamental contributions a community can receive from the leaders among it.


Education and leadership are the traits that generate prosperity for our community out of business opportunity. These are the gifts of the mentors. Leadership by example is the mantra of the mentor, providing continuity and the means for the business leaders of tomorrow to gain respect for the role business plays in the development of our community.


The dreams of the enablers further the dreams of the community. The enabler provides prosperity directly to members of our community and through the enabler's actions the opportunities of tomorrow become apparent.


2018 Recipients

Business Hall of Fame 2018 Recipients 

Past Recipients

2017 Recipients

Visionary: Tim Pater
Enabler: Doug Ritchie
Mentor: Peter Tobias
Builder: Frank Casamatta

 2016 Recipients

Visionary: Paul Fortier
Enabler: Wright Family
Mentor: Rob Wood, Walter & Elaine Viner
Builder: Gary poupore, de Ruiter Family


2015 Recipients
Visionary: Kim Donovan
Enabler: David Ibbott, Karen Sutherland
Mentor: Ken Wong
Builder: The Doornekamp Family, The Santin Family


2014 Recipients
Visionary: The Cooke Family
Enabler: Marijke Wilkins
Mentor: Secker, Ross & Perry LLP
Builder: The Agnew Family, John Armitage

2013 Recipients
Visionary: John Molloy, Lily Inglis (posthumously honored)
Enabler: Kathy Wood 
Mentor: Shai Dubey, Peter Swan
Builder: Peter Splinter, Walter Fenlon


2012 Recipients
Visionary: Toe Wroe, The Bradfield Family
Enabler: Gini Rosen
Mentor: Peter Kraus, Mark McKercher 
Builder: The Corcoran Family

2011 Recipients
Visionary: Chander Datta and Volker Thomsen
Enabler: Sandy MacLachlan (posthumously honored), Peng Sang Cau
Mentor:John Gordon
Builder: Jim Brown


2010 Recipients
Visionary: The Robinson (S+R) Family
Enabler: Fred & Mary Laflamme
Mentor : Bob Clark, John Wright
Builder:Stan Collins, The Springer Family

2009 Recipients
Visionary: George Scott
Enabler: David Dennis
Mentor: Sue Creasy, Bert Walsh
Builder: Elwin Derbyshire


2008 Recipients
Visionary: Jerome Taylor
Enabler: George Speal
Mentor: Peggy Reid
Builder: The Davies Family & The Greenwood Family 


2007 Recipients
Visionary: Joe Melo & Mel Williamson
Enabler: Graham Thomson
Mentor: Tom Zakos
Builder: Howard Sly

2006 Recipients
Visionary: Rose and Zal Yanovsky
Enabler: Brit Smith
Mentor: Harry Abramsky
Builder: Phil Quattrochi & Harold Anglin

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