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Kingston Selected as the Canadian Base for Award-Winning Formula Producer Feihe International Inc.

Posted on Thursday December 01, 2016
Feihe Logo
Feihe Logo

The Kingston Economic Development Corporation and the City of Kingston are pleased to announce that executives from the China Feihe International Inc. have selected Kingston, Ontario as the home for a new Canadian infant formula manufacturing operation. When the plant is completed, it will be one of the most technologically advanced infant formula manufacturing facilities in the world, utilizing a wet blending process to produce high quality infant formula for the North American and Chinese markets. Kingston will be home to this world-class intelligent manufacturing plant that utilizes industry 4.0 integrated information technology, cloud computing, big data and emerging technologies to manage the complex production process.

Feihe has secured approximately 40 acres of prime development land in the Cataraqui Estates Business Park in the city’s west end. The project represents a $225 million investment, with the approximately 300,000 square foot processing plant slated to break ground in spring 2017. Approximately 200 new full time employees will be hired when the plant begins operations.

Feihe International Inc. is known for its focus on research and development and drive to improve its products. Feihe has created an innovative goat milk based infant formula which is very popular in China and other markets for its hypoallergenic properties. Along with cow milk based infant formula, Feihe plans to manufacture goat milk based products at the Kingston facility. Feihe will be working with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) to connect with goat milk producers in both provinces. The positive economic impact for rural areas surrounding the facility is one of the many exciting aspects of the company’s investment in Kingston.



“We are very pleased to announce that we have chosen the city of Kingston, Ontario to receive our new wet blending infant formula production plant. Our project is a first for both China and Canada. We are excited to build Canada’s first and only wet infant formula facility and North America’s first and only goat milk infant formula facility. The project will be one of the major projects of the China-Canada economic and trade cooperation, particularly in its innovation. The desire to attract foreign investment shown by the Canadian government as well as the support of the Canadian Dairy Commission led our decision to invest in Canada. OMAFRA, the Kingston Economic Development Corporation and the City of Kingston played a crucial role in our decision to locate in Ontario. I would also like to thank the Chinese government for their support of our business and international projects.”

Roger Hua Liu, Vice Chairman, Chief Financial Officer, Feihe International Inc.

“As Member of Provincial Parliament for Kingston and the Islands, I am delighted that Feihe has chosen Ontario, and specifically Kingston, to locate their new infant formula production facility. We welcome this investment and are thankful for the opportunities that this operation will generate for local farmers and our labour force. This company’s commitment to research and innovation, building infrastructure, and collaborating with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs will have a tremendous impact here and across this province. My warmest welcome to Vice Chairman Liu and the Feihe team - thank you for choosing Kingston and we look forward to Feihe becoming a household word across this province!”

Sophie Kiwala, Member of Provincial Parliament, Kingston and the Islands

“As Mayor and on behalf of the City of Kingston I am happy to welcome Feihe to our community! Today’s announcement is one of the largest direct foreign investment projects in the country with a $225 million investment in Kingston and 200-250 new jobs. When I talk about our vision of Kingston as a smart and livable city this is exactly the kind of innovation and job creation we need. Kingston is a world class city and we’re attracting world class investment. I want to thank Vice Chairman Roger Hua Liu and Feihe for choosing Kingston for their manufacturing operation. I look forward to how this investment will grow our community and Eastern Ontario now and into the future.”

Bryan Paterson Mayor, City of Kingston

“We have been working with Feihe, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the City of Kingston over the past several months to bring this exciting new opportunity to Kingston. The investment of $225 million is the largest in the history of the Kingston Economic Development Corporation’s work in business attraction, and one of the largest FDI projects in Canada in terms of job creation. The project is a significant investment for Canada, Ontario and Kingston. Kingston Economic Development worked together with the City of Kingston, Utilities Kingston, Queen’s University, St. Lawrence College and many other community partners to position Kingston for success. Our ability to respond rapidly to the company’s questions from site selection to research facilities was a key factor in securing the investment. We look forward to supporting Feihe International Inc. throughout their building process and during recruitment of new employees for the facility. This is a tremendous achievement for Kingston.”

Donna Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer, Interim, Kingston Economic Development Corporation



Established in 1962, Feihe International, Inc. has devoted itself to dairy products for more than half a century and is one of the earliest enterprises that produce milk powder in China. Feihe focuses on the research and development as well as production of infant formula with a series of products such as AstroBaby, Super Feifan and Feifan. Feihe has spent over ten years building a complete vertically integrated model in China, from the planting of the grass for feed, to the large-scale raising of dairy cows, to the production and processing, to distribution- and storage, channel management and control, and after-sale service. Feihe’s strict adherence to quality control is demonstrated through its 50 year safety record.

Feihe has 6 modern manufacturing facilities in China as well as 1 in the United States. In 2014 the Feihe Nutrition Laboratory at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, was established to study the nutritional demands of both infants and adults. Feihe counts approximately 21,873 employees.

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